Games Provided on the DANAMONQQ Site

The Games Provided on the DANAMONQQ Site (PART I), what are these games??? Of course, the games on the Danamonqq site are well known to all. For this type of game, it is not only known by many, but the game is also very easy to play. To eliminate the curiosity of poker mania, let’s just discuss the types of games on the Danamonqq site. Let’s get started!!! For the type of game, let’s hold it first, let’s get to know the Danamonqq site first.

Danamonqq is one of the most trusted and well-known online gambling sites today. Danamonqq is an online site that doesn’t need to be doubted anymore. Danamonqq has the best security system in maintaining the security of its member accounts.

DanamonQQ also employs operators who are very professional and friendly in dealing with the problems faced by its members. To deal with the problems of its members, Danamonqq provides facilities as a place to complain, such as Livechat, WhatsApp and Line.

In addition to being a trusted and well-known online gambling site. DanamonQQ is also one of the most visited gambling sites for online gambling lovers. Like most other online gambling sites, Danamonqq really spoils its loyal members.

The Danamonqq site has provisions for making deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit on the Danamonqq site is 10 thousand Rupiah. The minimum withdrawal on the Danamonqq site is 30 thousand rupiah.

DANAMONQQ provides 8 types of games that are very well known by online gambling lovers. Such as POKER, BANDAR POKER, DOMINOQQ, BANDARQ, CAPSA SUSUN, ADUQ, SAKONG, BANDAR66.

In the following, we will explain a little guide regarding the games available on the DANAMONQQ site;

Poker is a game that is played using REMI cards. The number of 1 set of playing cards is 52 pieces. For online poker games, a maximum of 9 people can be played. Each player will be dealt 2 cards in hand.

The cards in the hand will be matched with 5 cards that will be dealt on the table or commonly called the middle card. In addition to making bets, players also have the opportunity to get a jackpot in poker games. By checking the jackpot column. In getting the jackpot bonus, there are provisions for which cards can get the jackpot. Such as royal flush (80% of bonus), straight flush (30% of bonus), and 4 of a kind (10% of bonus).

Games Provided on the DANAMONQQ Site

2. Bandar Poker
In the Bandar Poker game, it is almost similar to the poker game, only in this game there is a player who is the dealer. This game can only be played by 8 players. 7 players are players and 1 player is the dealer. Each player has the right to become a dealer, only to become a dealer depending on the capital owned by the player. In this game the player and the dealer both get 2 cards which will be matched with the cards on the table. Then the combination of player cards will be competed with a combination of dealer cards.

For example, a player holds 10 spades and a J spade, while the dealer holds 8 Hearts and 9 Hearts. Then on the table there are Q spades, K spades and 8 spades. So in this game the player wins because he holds a flush card while the dealer only holds 1 pair. In this game you can also install the jackpot. With the same card conditions as poker to get the jackpot. Royal flush (80% of bonus), straight flush (30% of bonus), and 4 of a kind (10% of bonus).

Games Provided on the DANAMONQQ Site(PART I)

3. AduQ The AduQ
game can only be played by 8 people in 1 table. In the AduQ game, there is only one player who wins, namely the one with the highest card value. If there are the same card values, then the one holding the card with the highest log becomes the winner. For example, player A has a card value of 9 with a combination of 5/5 and 4/5 cards. Player B has a card with a value of 9 with a combination of 6/6 and 3/4 cards. So the winner in this game is player B because he has 6 logs (6/6).

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